Thursday, January 6, 2011

We were in the dining room the guys were in the living room and Cole came out of Kylie's room and this is what we saw.Cole decided to take a big bottle of baby powder and shake it all over Kylie's bed room!!It took for ever to clean up.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Time Flys

Well let me think allot has happened since I've been on last. Cole had his 2ND birthday march 3, 2010 it was super cold and I had the flu but we still had a wonderful time all his Friends and family came up and in had a blast we got him a trampoline he loves it so much he bonces Paige around like a little rag doll poor thing.
My dad headed to Texas to work on ADL7 Hunting ranch my mom soon followed and they have been there ever sense.Miss them so much.April is all ways a good time cuz its fair time and Easter.
Cole had a blast at the fair this year he road all the rides and love them all.

The summer months we would always go swimming and BBQ we got to the fair grounds lay on a blanket and watch the fire works. July 23rd we had to go to St.George to get Cole's adenoids tonsils and tubes put in his ears the surgery went good but he had a problem with the anaesthesia when he woke up he wasn't breathing that good so we had stay over night so they could watch everything. Everyone was so nice at the hospital.
Times were getting a little hard but everyone could agree with me on that on work was slowing a little stressful because of the Holidays approaching near. Then in the first of November Aaron got a call from Frederickburge Texas (its like 3 hours from were my parents are)to go and work with a Construction company down there they call one day and he was gone the next.We all have to make sacrifices in life and right now we have to be apart.I went down to my parents house in Texas for thanksgiving me and Cole flew it was his first time flying he loved to see all the big air plains. I was super stressed I checked one bag then had Cole in a stroller had a duffel bag and carried his car seat on my back .(that thing weighs a ton) But we had a wonderful tome as soon as we got to the ranch i let Cole out of his car seat and he claimed over my mom and out the window as soon as he seen his daddy it was so cute.He misses him so much and Aaron does to.We had fun at the ranch for that week we drove around and seen allot of cool animals to many to name. It was hard to leave but it wasn't good bye it was see you soon.

In December my mom got really sick.She has been sick for a while. She has a Hilda hernia.but it was never this bad.My dad had to take her to the hospital in Crystal City the gave her an I V because she couldn't keep anything down so she was dehydrated. She went home and the next day it was worse so my dad took her to San Antonio TX to a bigger hospital and they found that her stomach had tied in a knot and was up in her abdomen so they did surgery. They tied her stomach down and she has been doing allot better. So glad that's over she still cant eat allot of stuff but she is feeling a ton better.

Aaron still in Texas But I have been back and forth the got to come home for two weeks so that was nice to spend some time home for Christmas. Cole was so happy to see him when we picked him up at the airport. It was sad to have him go but we flew down a couple weeks later stayed for a while and come back before Cole's 3rd Birthday in March. Aaron cold not get time off at that time but we had a wonderful party we had a ton of food and great people come when it was time to sing happy birthday I called Aaron so he could sing and here everyone sing. He got to come home to visit a few weeks later so it was nice.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Oh man he his getting so big so fast.I love my lil man!!!xoxo he is 22 months already!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

We were on our way home from Vegas. Baby's are the the sweetest when they are sleeping!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Cole fell asleep the other day on his couch...He loves that thing every morning he gets up grabs his bottle and heads to his couch to what his cartoons!!!

We love to go to the bass pro shop!!!!We went over the weekend cuz we wanted to get Lance a birthday present and Cole absolutely loved the fish!!!He kept saying sh sh sh he was trying to say fish!!!So cute!